Among the payment channels accepted for repayment are as follows:

1 Bank Rakyat Branch Counter

Name : Borrower's Name

Account No.: Borrower's IC Number

Phone No.: Borrower's Phone Number

2 iRakyat Bill Payment --> Education Loan --> Yayasan Bank Rakyat --> Account No. : Borrower's IC Number
3 JomPay

Biller Code : 5652

REF 1 : Borrower's IC No.

REF 2 : Borrower's Phone No.

4 CDM/ATM Bill Payment --> Agency Code: 056 --> Account No. : Borrower's IC Number
5 Deduction Via EPF 2nd Account

Email your application to En. Ridzuan (PPBU Department) complete with the following information for documentation:

a) Subject : EPF Application Document (2nd Account) For PPBU Repayment

b) Name : Borrower’s Name

c) IC No. : Borrower’s IC No.

d) Telephone No. : Borrower’s Telephone No.

You may check using the E-Baki system via YBR Student portal. Please contact Yayasan Bank Rakyat Finance Department if you fail to access the system. 

Postponement is acceptable only if the student continues to pursue higher education or for mutually agreed reasons (at YBR's discretion).


RSVP (Restructuring Variable Program)



Last Update : 10/08/2020